Sunrise Ford Employees Brutally Assault Customer

LAPD Officers interfere, collude and cover up violent hate crime


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Lee Cook & Ike Inyama / L.A. Sheriff’s Report: (#901)

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LAPD Vehicles Serviced at
Sunrise Ford

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SUNRISE FORD (Quick Lane Auto) manager, Lee Cook and salesperson Ike Inyama viciously attacked and suffocated, customer Michael Phelan. Afterwards, Los Angeles Police Officers intimidate and threatened, “Mr. Phelan”, deliberately neglecting official duties of making proper arrests and conducting a thorough investigation. A now incomplete and botched police record lacking vital evidence (supports this), willfully denying Mr. Phelan’s Civil and Constitutional Rights. Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law. Pattern and Practice.

At roughly 6:00PM on the evening of December 31, 2014, Mr. Phelan walked peacefully onto the sidewalk alongside Lankershim Blvd. After driving to his location, (to patch a “pinhole” leak) he would be given back a dilapidated tire and scraped rim showing visible signs of deliberate tampering, prodding/gouging (photo’s attached). Unable of being coerced into purchasing a new tire, Phelan confidently assures immediate action would be taken. Mr. Cook becoming increasingly confrontational, forcefully prevents Mr. Phelan’s attempts to call AAA for a safe ride home and he is forced to leave on foot..

Already having peacefully exited Sunrise Ford, an extremely hostile and confrontational Cook, continues to follow behind Mr. Phelan, while making hateful and prejudice comments such as (“faggot” & “stupid homeless mother fucker”). Simultaneously, sales person Mr. Inyama exit’s through a side door, begin’s making additional threats of “an ability to effortlessly kill Mr. Phelan (in his native “UK” country”). While turning to address the continual taunting, Mr. Cook attack’s Phelan, throwing him to the ground. Grabbing hair on the back of his head, Mr. Cook violently pounds Mr. Phelan’s forehead (back and forth) onto the concrete sidewalk below. Mr. Inyama came from behind, to manipulate pressure points on Mr. Phelan’s spine/upper back, causing suffocation in addition to a traumatic brain injury. Left unconscious, Phelan recalls awakening to Sunrise Ford staff members whom had now gathered around the assault, cheering and further encouraging Cook and Inyama. The assault stopped only due to a group of oncoming kids, walking home from a nearby park.

Immediately after, Mr. Phelan reports the assaults directly to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Rios (#412325) & Wyganty (#545632), whom were on duty at the North Hollywood Train Station. For over twenty minutes, they observed Phelan’s injuries, taking detailed account of his experience. Upon completion, Sheriff Rios provided to Mr. Phelan (Victims Report #901 242 P.C. / “Assault”) and was quickly en-route to make arrests of Mr. Cook and Mr. Inyama. As Sheriff Rios drove from the parking lot, (out of nowhere) Los Angeles “Police” Officers Cooper (#40415) & Guerro (#36315) pulled up, “overruled jurisdiction” and for no reason “demanded L.A. Sheriff’s Rios & Wyganty immediately “stand down”, preventing and obstructing a lawful arrest process”. LAPD officers then spent 40 minutes colluding with Sunrise Ford (“defendants / perpetrators”) viewing surveillance video then returning to tell Phelan, “Mr. Cook nor Inyama will ever be arrested”. Further threatening Mr. Phelan, “any additional efforts made to contact Sunrise Ford or pursue another report would have severe consequences landing him in jail for a long time”. Phelan, was left beaten in shock, as The Los Angeles Police Officers drove away in their “FORD”, vehicle, shutting down the entire investigation right there, “before it ever started”. Hospital records and injury photos showing open cuts/wounds to the head and bruises to the rest of body were left undocumented and deliberately disregarded. No victim’s statements whatsoever, leaving a botched and incomplete police record. Comments left on the back of the business card provided by LAPD Officers Marshall (#36905) & Smyth (#41595), at the ER (attached) document Phelan’s persistence (Los Angeles Sheriff’s / Victims Report #901 242 P.C.) had already been made 24 hours ago and still no arrests made.

Within 24 hours Mr. Phelan pleaded to a total of 6 law enforcement officials, including two (2-Los Angeles Sheriff’s) and four (4-Los Angeles Police Officer’s) and ER physicians to no avail. NO ARRESTS MADE. NO INJURY PHOTOS TAKEN. NO VICTIM’S STATEMENT PERMITTED. ALL VIDEO SURVEILLANCE WITHHELD. How do one’s rights as a crime victim begin and end in just minutes? No arrests or citations. No photos or explanations accounting for a brutally victimized customer, whom sustained clearly visible cuts, bruises and open head wounds resulting from a violent, hate fueled assault? Why did The LAPD deliberately leave crucial evidence and a complete report unaccounted for? This was a cover up. A clear violation and denial of one’s human rights. Willful neglect of Constitutional and Civil Rights, void of equal treatment and all due process. For these very reasons, news outlets were kept unaware to these events. In the two weeks following, Phelan would see two local physicians for follow-up treatment of his injuries. Each of these local physicians also neglected their own individual obligations (under California law) to alert law enforcement of all reported, physical assaults.  The crippling effects of PTSD and complications associated with long term head injuries are ongoing. Mr. Phelan now undergoes treatment with one of the country’s top brain injury expert’s. Everyday, is a challenge. 

Mr. Phelan made numerous, well documented effort’s to seek the assistance of law enforcement. (Already legally disabled), Phelan was bullied, brutally assaulted, only to be further victimized by The Los Angeles Police Department. Mr. Cook or Inyama were NEVER ARRESTED, escaped all accountability (continuing to work at Sunrise Ford long afterwards). Sunrise Ford, has thus never even acknowledged these events. Despite being provided (Victims Report #901 242 P.C.) from Los Angeles Sheriff Rios, if this information was not disclosed here, these violent hate crimes and those responsible would never have been publicly disclosed nor accounted for, leaving far more questions, with no answers”? A story far more reflective of terrorist nation’s where basic human rights are often overshadowed by violence, discrimination and government based corruption.

DEMAND Sunrise FORD and The Los Angeles Police Department provide all video surveillance documenting these crimes and forgoing any Statue of Limitations, allowing the complete facts surrounding this matter justifiably addressed in a court of law. If no surveillance footage is offered, it is incumbent The FORD Motor Company REVOKE ALL SUNRISE FORD dealership rights and provide Mr. Phelan sufficient financial redress of $1,750,000.00.